Thursday, October 11, 2012


Fly out of MSP Thursday morning
Eric picks us up at Sea-Tac
Drive to Cougar WA to get climbing permits
Then to Climbers Bivouac at the base of Mt. St. Helens
Set up Camp
Friday 6AM wake and break camp, light breakfast... pack for climb
Start climbing up the mountain (should have started at 6am darn it)
hike 2.5 miles to tree line, then thousands of feet elevation up the mountain scrambling over giant lava boulders!!! Wow, what the hell am I doing?!?!???
Wow incredible view on the mountain!!! Not quite to the summit, need to start back down in order to make it off the mountain before dark.
Mount Adams and a forest fire in the distance

Get back to Cougar to sign out and be accounted for...
Eat and sleep hard and fast!
Saturday AM shower and drive to Mt Adams
Set up camp and fish on Lake Takhalakh near the base of Mt Adams
Catch a limit of Rainbow Trout
Trout over the campfire for supper.
Sunday AM breakfast and break camp
Drive to Mt Rainier
Hike a bit around the base of Mt Rainier
Drive back to Seattle, eat supper and crash at Eric's place.
Monday AM fly out of Sea-Tac and head home!
Wow!!! (Did I need some rest after that "vacation"?)

Monday, September 24, 2012


Yes, I have been remiss with this here blog and Grumpy Old Men--The Prequel for that matter.

Quick update:

Utah vacation last June! Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Arches National Park...

Last week got back from Washington state... Climbed Mt. St. Helens... caught trout at the base of Mt. Adams... hiked a bit at Mt. Rainier...

And I have two new bourbons to sample:
Jefferson Presidential 18 year bourbon
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

And now,
Go Seachickens!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fisking the M.O.B. Idiot

Whether you are homo or hetero, we all have the same rights.


Now, Seeueentee, get back to your carpet.

It continues to be a standing challenge yet no one can dispute this FACT: We all have the same rights!  Period.
Wanna bet? Then put your money where your mouth is or just STFU.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Liberal Fascism & Democrats & Tyranny

The fact is that this tyrannical ideology is the foundation of Seeuuentee and Peevee on PenisBlog:

"I applaud Mayor Bloomberg for trying to come up with solutions for our health care cost problems and for taking on the issues of public health in the proper ways in which civil government should act in response to those health problems, those problems are more than just an individual choice issue."

Wow, this bitch truly opposes freedom and liberty!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Piledriver Up Your Ass

In a race to be The Most Stupid Blogger in the M.O.B.

PenisBlog is in the lead!!!!

The windbag Seeuuentee claimed Trayvon Martin rammed a pile driver up her ass.  Probably the best she has had in years.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Van Jones Town sheeple - the Threat!

Van Jones Town does NOT allow dissent:

"The commenter formerly known as K-Rod"

What? Formerly known? As in used to be? Past tense? Yesterday? Gone? DEAD? That is a threat!

 Whoa!!! Speaking of threatened, do I too have a bounty on my head?

Am I a walking dead man?  Or am I cool hand luke?

Now, I don't often take this step, but, with one person I've taken the step countless times now. I've relented in the past in the interest of being the forgiving man. sometimes that instinct backfires. It seems to have here. Pernicious Peevee as he is known by, has insulted everything and everyone, from calling a priest a child molester, to other MOB bloggers racists, liars and worse of course. So, to make it clear, that sort of conduct isn't tolerated here. I'd like to forgive the person and "turn the other cheek", but as John says, after a time of showing someone their path is straying from God, you are allowed to 'walk away,' only Christ/God is perfect in forgiveness. And so I am. Pernicious Peevee and Deegee, you've been told you are more than welcome, please come and rejoice. 
And We would still want you to come back even if you are true Liberal Fascists. Threatening people with violence, or so it seemed you did, is intolerable. Calling the President the Lightworker because he, according to you, was 'controlling' the Zimmerman case and preventing bail being set, was what you vowed. It's the stuff of tin-foil hats and the Obamassiah, and while I'd like to allow you to have a venue to foster constructive discussion, your comments were almost never constructive and you refused to have discussion. But yet again, please, I welcome you. You're welcome here and I hope you can engage in some sort of civil discussion. Take personal responsibility for yourself and start pulling the cart as you demand of others$$$.

Bring it on?   

 Skinhead? peevee? deegee?

"put another nail in the coffin of the idea of Isreal" - penigma | 01.13.09 - 9:01 am |

Van Jones Town sheeple - the trigger, Old #7

Oh my, the gum dom Van Jones Town certainly can herd dog 'em!!!

Just because you don't hear their whistle doesn't mean you don't drink the kool aid.

{*grab popcorn*}

"...from George Zimmerman before he stalked him, chased him, then engaged in a brawl with him and subsequently shot him."
Is this Charles Manson's opinion or yours?
Or I could have said I had a steak for supper.  Just what is the response to counter the Liberal Facsist  chanting point "...ALEC killed Trayvon!!!"  or worse the other chanting point of the left "...Koch.... evil..... brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!"...

"...Zimmerman is the one not receiving the benfit of the doubt."
Not to mention the bounty on his head and the safety of his family.
Ms. Dowd would be proud!

"KR sees some sort of guilt on the part of Trayvon Martin because he had been suspended from school."
Just the facts ma'am; was Martin suspended from school or not? If he was suspended then was he not guilty? If he should not have been suspended then I agree of an injustice!!!
But I already saw that molehill:
Hmmm, I've already addressed this on my blog:
I said: "Either Martin was kicked out of school or he was a truant. Well, otherwise he would have been back in Miami, right.
Yep, my first thought is the school was wrong for kickin him out... unless you think he was a truant?"
"Well, I'm with you if you have something; I've actually asked why the hell Martin was kicked out of school!!! Was that right? Why not Keep him IN school, duh!!!!"
And it finally looks like you are starting to agree with ME: "A failure by the school to give Trayvon Martin the benefit of the doubt. It is likely that zero tolerance school policies go too far."
Maybe the pernicious peevee can't handle his Peni'sBlogChichi-awwwwa!!! Van Jones Town style.

But then to spew out a regurgitation of the Van Jones Town chanting points...
"But the pros and cons..."
Whoa, STOP!!! Are you seriously excluding everything about Martin except for the moment he was shot but turn around and... character assassin Zimmerman... and then change your mind and praise Martin for being a model student and citizen worth of a Nobel prize? Your idea or Charles Manson's perception?
Just wondering how any logical person could come to that conclusion.  Heh heh heh  Oh, yeah,you already said something about the right of public opinion to carry pitchforks...

Are you the leader and founder of some Gated Community Watch Program started to confront an unfortunate crime wave? Or just a dog on a leash?
"The reality is that there was NOTHING suspicious about Trayvon Martin. "
A stranger that people haven't seen before in a gated community that has been plagued with burglaries should be ignored by neighborhood watch people? Are you serious?

And then, Dog Gone, you go hard on the Van Jones Town chanting points.

BTW, are gated communities unconstitutional?

PS, is Obama a white American or a white African or a white Hispanic?
The last jab probably isn't understood by peevee or deegee...

Now, I wasn't treating anyone with any real disrespect, just the facts man, ma'am... Liberal Fascist...

Go ahead, call me a Classical Liberal, make my day!

Van Jones Town sheeple - the trigger, south end

Fade to a response to a post on Peni'sBlog....
"...So, there IS no conspiracy to deny Zimmerman bail, or a hearing, or anything else. The man IS a flight risk according to his own attorneys..."

Yet you can't provide an actual quote?
Help me out here folks, didn't his counsel say they were no longer representing him since they hadn't heard from him (being there actually was a bounty on his head) but they still would reconsider representing him if he came out of hiding...

Crickets over quotes? Ouch.

"...stop looking so foolish. This is how the judicial process works, despite your requests to have people denied due process (in capital cases),..."

Requests? Yet you can't provide an actual quote?

Typical tactic of a Liberal Fascist, start that lie early and often. Not much credibility with this pernicious lib.
Crickets? Strike 2.

"...even those who appear to be nothing more nor less than vigilanties[SIC]"
Is that "how the judicial process works"  

Apparently guilty until proven innocent?  And yet you can't provide and actual quote.
Oh yeah, use their own words against them!!! But, Whoa, starting to look like a Van Jones Town sheeple. 

"the system Trayvon Martin didn't get access to"

I would like to hear why you think the school suspension denied him of his rights?

Pen, is it possible for a person to die from a single punch?

Best regards,

Now, I wasn't tryin to belittle a self-righteous leftyblogger. But unless you are a stateist you will "offend" the Liberal Fascists.  Just a nice benign little trigger.  Set.   Heh heh heh

But wait there's more!  BYOP!  [Bring yer own popcorn!]

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Van Jones Town sheeple - the mental prequel

I know absolutely no person that doesn't agree that the death of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy.

Personally, I think it was one tragedy among many other daily tragedies; why this should over shadow all of the other tragedies is wrong and only due to partisan politics. (Some would say the Liberal Fascist agenda, maybe?)

The following might be the efforts of any fictitious bunch of pixels, but in this case it might actually be my biological spawn if I were raped by the devil... blood might be thicker than water but wrong needs to be corrected:
...The school in Miami would not confirm or deny the.... information about Martin; no confirmatory test was made of the.... contents of what was identified as MAYBE an empty marijuana bag, it was a guess, nor while it was found with Martin was the empty bag identified as being his. In any case, at the time of his death, Martin did not have any pot in his system or alcohol. Therefore I have no need to know or care about the schools allegation, it is completely irrelevant to what happened that night.
Either Martin was kicked out of school or he was a truant. Well, otherwise he would have been back in Miami, right.
Yep, my first thought is the school was wrong for kickin him out... unless you think he was a truant?

All of the nonsense from Trayvon Martin's school is irrelevant; he was a good kid, not violent, not a troublemaker, had good grades, played sports, had a good relationship with his teachers. Got A's and B's.
Is that Charles Manson's take?

Zimmerman didn't know about anything in Trayvon Martin's past so it could not have had any legitimate influence on his thinking at the time. He made assumptions of guilt and intent that were not legitimate, not valid, not justified.
What? Is this your take?

Had Zimmerman given Trayvon Martin the benefit of the doubt, the presumption of innocence until something had proven him guilty - in which case his ONLY legitimate action would be to direct police to where he had last seen Trayvon Martin -we wouldn't be having this discussion, and a kid wouldn't be dead.
Beat me silly!!! What the heck are you talking about? VAN This would have happened JONES if Martin instead ran down the VAN street yelling JONES help Mommy? Is that your VAN JONES claim?
Did he indeed do that VAN and JONES was shot dead in the back by a "WHITE" Hispanic while saying Mommy and Daddy please save me...?

What else you got, LeftyLib?
I don't see YOU giving Trayvon Martin any benefit of the doubt - why is that?
Well, I'm with you if you have something; I've actually asked why the hell Martin was kicked out of school!!! Was that right? Why not Keep him IN school, duh!!!!

"All I have done is call for the arrest and trial of George Zimmerman based on the clear discrepancies in the available information - like the proof from the phone record of Trayvon Martin's cell phone that he was speaking to his girlfriend at the time he was killed."
Are you part of the prosecution? Do you have all the facts? How the heck do YOU have all the information?

Clearly, the prosecutor, going for 2nd degree murder, as well as the determination of the investigator at the time, thought there was a legitimate grounds for this arrest.
Well, the fact is that you called for charges before even the prosecutor had enough information to press charges. (that's gotta hurt)

If Zimmerman is innocent, which I doubt, he will be acquitted. But he shouldn't be allowed to do what he did initiating the conflict, without any legitimate authority, which is the problem with the shoot first laws.
What does your doubt have to do with it? Life in prison because YOU say? Why do you keep on talking about some fictitious "shoot first laws"?
But why are YOU not willing to give Trayvon Martin the benefit of the doubt?
Answered already, please stop chanting.

What about ALL of us, regardless of who we are - age, race, gender, economic status - being able to walk where we want to go as free human beings, allowed to mind our own business, without some vigilante accosting us, or chasing us? Much less, shooting unarmed people.
Well, DFLibby, if you have really been accosted then that is almost as bad as what happened to me; I actually was accosted by the Ramsey County Sheriffs. Yep, simply walking down my street, but that is another issue; some hot head copper actually shoved me from behind hoping to skid me face into the asphalt... I even let the mayor know... to no avail... don't mess with the...
You are focusing on the wrong thing here K[-Rod], and you're not willing to give the same presumption of innocence to both, which is what is unfair.
Blink, blink. Huh? Whay thing are you Van focusing on here, DFL?
I would suggest to you that I have made a greater effort to be well informed before advancing an opinion,...

Oh Bother.

True pooh, fiction, make up... oh nooooooo..... .....

All and only my copyrights, if ya use em ya owe me big me....

...great script, eh...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Flight risk? The leftyblogosphere over a shark!

Oh my, the local left-wing bloggers are certainly foaming at the mouth over one 'black' Hispanic shooting a 'white' African-American possibly in an act of self defense.

Now, I'm not a smug self-appointed "intellectual" like Peevee or Dog Gone over at Peni'sBlog and I refuse to rush to judgment as they have. Indeed, they have been carrying the torch and pitchforks for weeks while law enforcement was busy investigating, quietly, patiently investigating.

My question is just why is the Hispanic man not afforded bail yet, especially since he turned himself in and should not be considered a flight risk.

[And the other question for the said liberals is: Have you ever met an angry and racist gun? What do guns have against women?]

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Origine Bourbon

Well, it's bourbon so it must be good!

Well, not bad.

Sweet vanilla and butterscotch nose. Mmmm, sweeter than my go-to Beam. Not much alcohol, hmmmm, yep just 80 proof.

Taste: light bourbon, a bit thin, caramel and vanilla and a bit of oak. Little if any burn, it'd be better at 90 or 100 proof.

Finishes with a bit of spice and lingering oak. Mmmmmmm that oak lingers...

Overall an easy sippin bourbon that won't put any hair on yer chest.

Monday, January 9, 2012

123 MPH!!!

Here is my new black Arctic Cat F1100 Turbo LXR:

Yes, it has 177 hp and, yes, it is fast.

I've rode the required 600 break-in miles before I opened it up. (I didn't have the needed conditions to see its maximum speed, I think it has another 10 mph or so top end.)