Sunday, April 22, 2012

Van Jones Town sheeple - the Threat!

Van Jones Town does NOT allow dissent:

"The commenter formerly known as K-Rod"

What? Formerly known? As in used to be? Past tense? Yesterday? Gone? DEAD? That is a threat!

 Whoa!!! Speaking of threatened, do I too have a bounty on my head?

Am I a walking dead man?  Or am I cool hand luke?

Now, I don't often take this step, but, with one person I've taken the step countless times now. I've relented in the past in the interest of being the forgiving man. sometimes that instinct backfires. It seems to have here. Pernicious Peevee as he is known by, has insulted everything and everyone, from calling a priest a child molester, to other MOB bloggers racists, liars and worse of course. So, to make it clear, that sort of conduct isn't tolerated here. I'd like to forgive the person and "turn the other cheek", but as John says, after a time of showing someone their path is straying from God, you are allowed to 'walk away,' only Christ/God is perfect in forgiveness. And so I am. Pernicious Peevee and Deegee, you've been told you are more than welcome, please come and rejoice. 
And We would still want you to come back even if you are true Liberal Fascists. Threatening people with violence, or so it seemed you did, is intolerable. Calling the President the Lightworker because he, according to you, was 'controlling' the Zimmerman case and preventing bail being set, was what you vowed. It's the stuff of tin-foil hats and the Obamassiah, and while I'd like to allow you to have a venue to foster constructive discussion, your comments were almost never constructive and you refused to have discussion. But yet again, please, I welcome you. You're welcome here and I hope you can engage in some sort of civil discussion. Take personal responsibility for yourself and start pulling the cart as you demand of others$$$.

Bring it on?   

 Skinhead? peevee? deegee?

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