Thursday, April 19, 2012

Van Jones Town sheeple - the mental prequel

I know absolutely no person that doesn't agree that the death of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy.

Personally, I think it was one tragedy among many other daily tragedies; why this should over shadow all of the other tragedies is wrong and only due to partisan politics. (Some would say the Liberal Fascist agenda, maybe?)

The following might be the efforts of any fictitious bunch of pixels, but in this case it might actually be my biological spawn if I were raped by the devil... blood might be thicker than water but wrong needs to be corrected:
...The school in Miami would not confirm or deny the.... information about Martin; no confirmatory test was made of the.... contents of what was identified as MAYBE an empty marijuana bag, it was a guess, nor while it was found with Martin was the empty bag identified as being his. In any case, at the time of his death, Martin did not have any pot in his system or alcohol. Therefore I have no need to know or care about the schools allegation, it is completely irrelevant to what happened that night.
Either Martin was kicked out of school or he was a truant. Well, otherwise he would have been back in Miami, right.
Yep, my first thought is the school was wrong for kickin him out... unless you think he was a truant?

All of the nonsense from Trayvon Martin's school is irrelevant; he was a good kid, not violent, not a troublemaker, had good grades, played sports, had a good relationship with his teachers. Got A's and B's.
Is that Charles Manson's take?

Zimmerman didn't know about anything in Trayvon Martin's past so it could not have had any legitimate influence on his thinking at the time. He made assumptions of guilt and intent that were not legitimate, not valid, not justified.
What? Is this your take?

Had Zimmerman given Trayvon Martin the benefit of the doubt, the presumption of innocence until something had proven him guilty - in which case his ONLY legitimate action would be to direct police to where he had last seen Trayvon Martin -we wouldn't be having this discussion, and a kid wouldn't be dead.
Beat me silly!!! What the heck are you talking about? VAN This would have happened JONES if Martin instead ran down the VAN street yelling JONES help Mommy? Is that your VAN JONES claim?
Did he indeed do that VAN and JONES was shot dead in the back by a "WHITE" Hispanic while saying Mommy and Daddy please save me...?

What else you got, LeftyLib?
I don't see YOU giving Trayvon Martin any benefit of the doubt - why is that?
Well, I'm with you if you have something; I've actually asked why the hell Martin was kicked out of school!!! Was that right? Why not Keep him IN school, duh!!!!

"All I have done is call for the arrest and trial of George Zimmerman based on the clear discrepancies in the available information - like the proof from the phone record of Trayvon Martin's cell phone that he was speaking to his girlfriend at the time he was killed."
Are you part of the prosecution? Do you have all the facts? How the heck do YOU have all the information?

Clearly, the prosecutor, going for 2nd degree murder, as well as the determination of the investigator at the time, thought there was a legitimate grounds for this arrest.
Well, the fact is that you called for charges before even the prosecutor had enough information to press charges. (that's gotta hurt)

If Zimmerman is innocent, which I doubt, he will be acquitted. But he shouldn't be allowed to do what he did initiating the conflict, without any legitimate authority, which is the problem with the shoot first laws.
What does your doubt have to do with it? Life in prison because YOU say? Why do you keep on talking about some fictitious "shoot first laws"?
But why are YOU not willing to give Trayvon Martin the benefit of the doubt?
Answered already, please stop chanting.

What about ALL of us, regardless of who we are - age, race, gender, economic status - being able to walk where we want to go as free human beings, allowed to mind our own business, without some vigilante accosting us, or chasing us? Much less, shooting unarmed people.
Well, DFLibby, if you have really been accosted then that is almost as bad as what happened to me; I actually was accosted by the Ramsey County Sheriffs. Yep, simply walking down my street, but that is another issue; some hot head copper actually shoved me from behind hoping to skid me face into the asphalt... I even let the mayor know... to no avail... don't mess with the...
You are focusing on the wrong thing here K[-Rod], and you're not willing to give the same presumption of innocence to both, which is what is unfair.
Blink, blink. Huh? Whay thing are you Van focusing on here, DFL?
I would suggest to you that I have made a greater effort to be well informed before advancing an opinion,...

Oh Bother.

True pooh, fiction, make up... oh nooooooo..... .....

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...great script, eh...

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