Sunday, April 22, 2012

Van Jones Town sheeple - the trigger, south end

Fade to a response to a post on Peni'sBlog....
"...So, there IS no conspiracy to deny Zimmerman bail, or a hearing, or anything else. The man IS a flight risk according to his own attorneys..."

Yet you can't provide an actual quote?
Help me out here folks, didn't his counsel say they were no longer representing him since they hadn't heard from him (being there actually was a bounty on his head) but they still would reconsider representing him if he came out of hiding...

Crickets over quotes? Ouch.

"...stop looking so foolish. This is how the judicial process works, despite your requests to have people denied due process (in capital cases),..."

Requests? Yet you can't provide an actual quote?

Typical tactic of a Liberal Fascist, start that lie early and often. Not much credibility with this pernicious lib.
Crickets? Strike 2.

"...even those who appear to be nothing more nor less than vigilanties[SIC]"
Is that "how the judicial process works"  

Apparently guilty until proven innocent?  And yet you can't provide and actual quote.
Oh yeah, use their own words against them!!! But, Whoa, starting to look like a Van Jones Town sheeple. 

"the system Trayvon Martin didn't get access to"

I would like to hear why you think the school suspension denied him of his rights?

Pen, is it possible for a person to die from a single punch?

Best regards,

Now, I wasn't tryin to belittle a self-righteous leftyblogger. But unless you are a stateist you will "offend" the Liberal Fascists.  Just a nice benign little trigger.  Set.   Heh heh heh

But wait there's more!  BYOP!  [Bring yer own popcorn!]

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