Sunday, April 22, 2012

Van Jones Town sheeple - the trigger, Old #7

Oh my, the gum dom Van Jones Town certainly can herd dog 'em!!!

Just because you don't hear their whistle doesn't mean you don't drink the kool aid.

{*grab popcorn*}

"...from George Zimmerman before he stalked him, chased him, then engaged in a brawl with him and subsequently shot him."
Is this Charles Manson's opinion or yours?
Or I could have said I had a steak for supper.  Just what is the response to counter the Liberal Facsist  chanting point "...ALEC killed Trayvon!!!"  or worse the other chanting point of the left "...Koch.... evil..... brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!"...

"...Zimmerman is the one not receiving the benfit of the doubt."
Not to mention the bounty on his head and the safety of his family.
Ms. Dowd would be proud!

"KR sees some sort of guilt on the part of Trayvon Martin because he had been suspended from school."
Just the facts ma'am; was Martin suspended from school or not? If he was suspended then was he not guilty? If he should not have been suspended then I agree of an injustice!!!
But I already saw that molehill:
Hmmm, I've already addressed this on my blog:
I said: "Either Martin was kicked out of school or he was a truant. Well, otherwise he would have been back in Miami, right.
Yep, my first thought is the school was wrong for kickin him out... unless you think he was a truant?"
"Well, I'm with you if you have something; I've actually asked why the hell Martin was kicked out of school!!! Was that right? Why not Keep him IN school, duh!!!!"
And it finally looks like you are starting to agree with ME: "A failure by the school to give Trayvon Martin the benefit of the doubt. It is likely that zero tolerance school policies go too far."
Maybe the pernicious peevee can't handle his Peni'sBlogChichi-awwwwa!!! Van Jones Town style.

But then to spew out a regurgitation of the Van Jones Town chanting points...
"But the pros and cons..."
Whoa, STOP!!! Are you seriously excluding everything about Martin except for the moment he was shot but turn around and... character assassin Zimmerman... and then change your mind and praise Martin for being a model student and citizen worth of a Nobel prize? Your idea or Charles Manson's perception?
Just wondering how any logical person could come to that conclusion.  Heh heh heh  Oh, yeah,you already said something about the right of public opinion to carry pitchforks...

Are you the leader and founder of some Gated Community Watch Program started to confront an unfortunate crime wave? Or just a dog on a leash?
"The reality is that there was NOTHING suspicious about Trayvon Martin. "
A stranger that people haven't seen before in a gated community that has been plagued with burglaries should be ignored by neighborhood watch people? Are you serious?

And then, Dog Gone, you go hard on the Van Jones Town chanting points.

BTW, are gated communities unconstitutional?

PS, is Obama a white American or a white African or a white Hispanic?
The last jab probably isn't understood by peevee or deegee...

Now, I wasn't treating anyone with any real disrespect, just the facts man, ma'am... Liberal Fascist...

Go ahead, call me a Classical Liberal, make my day!

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