Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fisking the M.O.B. Idiot

Whether you are homo or hetero, we all have the same rights.


Now, Seeueentee, get back to your carpet.

It continues to be a standing challenge yet no one can dispute this FACT: We all have the same rights!  Period.
Wanna bet? Then put your money where your mouth is or just STFU.


Bike Bubba said...

You might try a lighter hand on your criticism of Penigma/Doggone/etc.... Yes, the "Workers' Weekly World" vibe is insane, but the best way to show it is with the light touch.

For example, with regards to 16 ounce limit on pop bottles in NYC, you might point out that those of us with large families just might like to share a Super Big Gulp instead of buying the packaging for pop eight times over--and that those truly dependent on sugar and caffeine will simply get more than one of the smaller size.

K-Rod said...

Some have compared me to Thor; my heavy hammer of truth and fact.