Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lack of understanding

Posted on a local lefty blog:
Obama acted properly in accepting McChrystal's resignation, but I wish that he had been able to avoid an incident like this, making the resignation unnecessary. McChrystal, for all of his problems - and there have been many - is an amazing man, a dedicated and brave soldier, and a tremendous asset to our country. We have all lost something important with this failure. All of us have; McChrystal, Obama, the members of our armed forces, our allies, our country .
That dog won't hunt.

This left wing liberal, the Peevish Boy's better half, doesn't seem to understand the situation.

McChrystal did not resign from the army. He resigned his position as commander of US forces in Afghanistan. He is still a four star general. He is being replaced by an at least as qualified four star general.

But I still have one open question for the liberals;
will you still call him General Betrayus?

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