Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Definition of an idiot.

The Peevish Boy, aka Peevee, aka Pernicious Peevee, aka Useful Idiot, aka Liberal Fascist, aka Democrat Tool...

"You see things, underline SEE, your way, that's clear.

...after 4 years - and I've explained this numerous times - after 4 years of seeing Lilliputians like Yoss, AK, KR, Brad C, Badda and a few other wing-nuts..."

Whoa, peevee, when you said "after 4 years of seeing...", did you underline SEE?

And awww, isn't that nice. I made the ad hominem list!


Why is teh peevee such a hypocrite?

Well, he refuses to follow his own rules:

"Discourteous behavior discourages discussion and debate, and is contrary to sharing the widest possible range of view points."


"4. Courtesy is expected and required."
Yet he calls commenters hypocrites and liars.


Oh, my, I just cornobbled teh Peevish Boy!!!


1 comment:

K-Rod said...

Penigma, I officially ask for forgiveness from all the people that I might have offended.

Oh lord, I am so sorry.

Please, I beg for forgiveness.

Please forgive me for my trespasses.

I did not know the gravity of my horrible actions.
I only now realize my dastardly deeds.

I am truly sorry for how I hurt all of you.
I really am so sorry for how much I hurt you.

Again, I apologize for how I hurt you and the others. Please forgive me.

I guarantee I won't hurt you like that again.

I promise.