Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't ram it down our throats!

Democrats move closer to passing Senate health bill without vote on text.


Just take over health care / health insurance without voting on the monstrosity!

Welcome to Liberal Fascism, Obama style.

My fellow bloggers Brad Carlson and Mr. D have sent letters to our representatives in opposition to the ObamaNation health care takeover.

I did the same.

Join us; write your representatives in congress.


Anonymous said...

I wrote in to Ellison begging him not to support this horrible piece of legislation. It compromises everything I believe in and stand for.

The so-called public option is bogus. We need to hold out for the single payer system. We shouldn't sell ourselves short like this.

K-Rod said...

As if Ellison would listen to a constituent and not obey Hairy Pelosi. Hah!

I'd rather we didn't "sell ourselves".