Sunday, July 25, 2010

Barack Trump: You're fired! Racism exposed.

Here is Shirley Sherrod's racist statement toward Andrew Breitbart in Anderson Cooper's interview:
"I don't think he's interested in seeing anyone get past it because I think he'd like to get us stuck back in the times of slavery. That's where I think he'd like to see all black people end up again."
"I'd like him to show me how he's not a racist."

Wow, naked racism. You are now a racist unless you can prove otherwise. No, Shirley, you are the racist.
But wait, there's more (emphasis mine):
"And I think that's why he's so vicious against a black president, you know. He would go after me. I don't think it was even the NAACP he was totally after. I think he was after a black president."
No, Ms. Sharron, our President is as much a white president if not more so, but the color of his skin or the color of his parents skin has nothing to do with it.

Obama was correct to fire her racist ass.

Folks, pay attention to this distraction; pay no attention to the ongoing Obama Depression.

Here was Donna Brazile:
"Fox News and others who allowed this — this — this bogus tape to hit the airwaves..."
Oh please, Obama fired her before anything was shown on Fox.

At least Cokie Roberts got part of it right:
"The truth is, the only people who could fire her were the administration. Fox News couldn’t fire her. The NAACP couldn’t fire her. Only the administration could fire her. So they really bear the most culpability here, I think by a long shot."

And Sam Donaldson is so partisan; he is unable to level any criticism or skepticism toward Obama. Media bias?

And the recent comments from Sherrod show that she is indeed a racist and that Breitbart was unintentionally correct.

So, sheeple, just keep on paying attention to this distraction instead of the Obama Depression.

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