Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stuck on Stupid.

A few local lefty bloggers made the claim that MMGW is better understood than gravity.

Yes, we should mock them in the hopes that they might figure out that we are not laughing with them.

When will the Branch AlGoreans lose their faith in their religion and support the scientific method?

Hey peevee/deegee/ayebee, how's that hockey stick graph treating you?
What happened to the dog that ate the CRU data?


Mr. D said...

Don't think they will, K-Rod. They're all in on this thing. You've titled the post exactly the right way.

K-Rod said...

I don't think they will either.

Unfortunately, they are stuck on stupid.

Anonymous said...

I see you are finally allowing comments on your blog. Very bold.

It looks like you have to resort to lies to beg attention from your own friends as well. I think that's pretty pathetic, but that's just my opinion I guess.

Perhaps you'd also like to talk about your claims that gravity does not exist? Or that dead people should have equal rights as living people? Or that sperm are human beings? Or maybe you'd like to explain your comment that people should not be held responsible for their actions.

You love to quote me out of context when it suits you, but when I so much as read between the lines of anything you say you throw a fit.

Just answer me one question: Global warming has been accepted as scientificly probable for decades. There were no "scam" claims while Clinton was in office. No one was up in arms when Pat Robertson joined Al Sharpton to appeal to Americans to do something about Man Made Global Warming. While Obama was running for President no one accused him of trying to overthrough the oil industry for his own personal gain.

No, it wasn't until he won the election that anyone ever had a problem with it. And who had a problem with it? The same camp that claims that dinosaurs never existed, that the Bible is higher science authority than any other book.

So why now?

Because you do as your told and the CEOs that give you your orders told you to "go forth and berate the liberals on their blogs about global warming" among other things.

We both have our opinions, K-Rod. Mine just happen to be right.

K-Rod said...

Apathboy, welcome to SRS. I am glad you stopped by.

It was actually Penigma that made the claim, but he had DG and your support.


Whoa, AB, a 0.000000000000000001% probability still means there is a slight possibility. Heck, even a snowball has a chance.

I have never bought into the MMGW hypothesis, regardless of the resident of the WH. I have always consistently said: In God We Trust, all others must bring data. There were plenty of people who questioned the data and models, regardless of whether or not you were informed on the facts and opinions regarding MMGW.

I won't waste my time on your other off topic blathering and babbling.

I am not asking for your opinion. I will continue to support the scientific method and demand proof. Without that, all you have is a religion. Sorry if you feel berated.

The hockey stick graph has been completely debunked.

There has been NO statistical global warming since 1995.

AB, your contribution to this discussion, although you are completely wrong, is still appreciated.