Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Liberal Fascism

Bwaney Fwank to limit executive pay

“The question of compensation for people in the financial industry is a legitimate cause of concern,” Frank said on Wednesday.

Frank called a hearing for Jan. 22 and said he is not convinced by arguments that restrictions would hurt the industry...

Frank said he supports a tax on the financial enterprises, possibly a tax on assets.

And he said he is looking at ways to expand a “say on pay” specifically for financial institutions.

“I think we should be changing the marginal tax rate at that level of income,” Frank added.

Frank said it makes more sense to set up a new government agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, to regulate the credit card industry more broadly.

I hope people realize that by keeping Fwank in his position you are depending on a person responsible FOR the problem to fix the problem. That's like going to Dr. Kevorkian to save your life.

Don't look to Fwank to defend our liberty and freedoms.

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